Mr. Casanova is a native of his greatly lamented New Orleans, LA.  Born in the Touro Infirmary of Jazz Era fame, in 1940, he was reared mainly to the north across Lake Pontchartrain, in Bogalusa, LA, a city notable mainly for high school football, papermills and Civil Rights Era confrontations.

During his college days he was a member of the Catholic religious order, the Jesuits, leaving Spring Hill College of Mobile in 1965 with an AB, magna cum laude, in classical studies and mathematics.

Out of college, he worked as a programmer at Boeing Aerospace on the Apollo Project Saturn V launch vehicle in Michoud and Slidell, taking time out for active duty in the US Naval Air Reserves as an air crewman.

From Boeing, Butch moved to IBM, passing through a number of technical, sales and marketing management positions over 28 years, finishing as a member of the Corporate Marketing & Services Staff at IBM HQ, and the headquarters of IBM Japan in Tokyo.

In 1993 after three years in Tokyo, Butch executed early retirement, going as an independent consultant to IBM China in Beijing, as the violence at Tiananmen Square had abated.  There he helped reopen IBM China, crafting joint ventures between IBM China and the spin‑off companies of the PRC Ministry of Electronic Industries.

After his five years in Asia, he returned to the United States, locating in Lakeway TX in 1995, to operate a business development consultancy in the Internet arena until 2002.  By then he finally felt free to move to a more compelling concern.

From his earliest days, he'd held an abiding interest in doing sculpture.  This had been greatly stimulated by his college classics studies in the 60's.

Later casting of some of his work from those college days in bronze had only further confirmed his need and determination to some day do more.

But the exigencies of family and business had held that interest largely latent until he settled in Wimberley.  With the indulgent support of his wife Lisette and the long distance cheerings-on of his daughter, Rebecca, he built a custom studio once the tremors of 9/11/01 had subsided a bit, and in the ensuing months, began work on his earliest interest, bas-relief and freestanding sculpture.

When the Wimberley
studio proved too small to contain his production process, Butch relocated with Lisette to Canyon Lake, Tx, where he has a much larger facility, facilitating a cleaner, more systematic creative process.

His energies recently focused on perfecting a process allowing for fabrication of serial editions of sculptures, distinguished one from another by their individual polychrome surfaces.

He has worked in wax and plaster originals to be captured in silicone and polyurethane rubber molds.  These latter he's used to cast polyurethane plastic pieces suitable for polychrome treatment with airbrush and traditional brushwork.  If a theme is attractive enough, it is easily adapted to casting in bronze with the full range of figuring and patination available today.

Most recently, he's begun using painting software (Corel Painter) to prepare images that may then be printed in controlled, limited editions, using the advanced glicée printing systems available today. This allows him to capitalize on his long conversance with computing and image processing, in the production of complex imagery not attainable in any other process.

Butch's subject matter is rooted in the South of his early years, his formation in the classics, and his wider experiences as an adult in corporate America, Europe and Asia.  He and Lisette have much time to make up.  He acknowledges the harsh reality of Ars longa, vita brevis--except when it is in collision with Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler!

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